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Social Responsibility and Impact

This issue of Barb’s news magazine, “Intergistic Intel—News for Your World Coming to You From Our Network” includes a mix of topics highlighting social impact, such as a special story written by Dr. Ryan Ross, CEO of the Urban Leadership Foundation of Colorado, which is a highly respected organization dedicated to the development and trajectory of minority leaders. The ULFC has been in existence for over a decade and deserves to be recognized for its recent and past contributions to the local community.

Also featured in this issue is a new section entitled, “Every person’s Life is Worth a Novel”, which was the name of a book I was required to read as a doctoral student. Each month I hope to highlight one person, whose life could indeed be the basis of a novel. This month the highlighted individual is Sarah Kitonsa, a University of Denver EMBA alum from Uganda. She shares her personal story in beautiful fashion. EMBA Cohort 69’s global trip to Uganda and Rwanda is featured with a variety of photos and comments. Shannon Sisler, VP of Human Resources for CROCS, is noted for directing her company’s social impact giving strategy.

Another new section is one dedicated to our “Friends from Across Campus”—other departments which are doing extraordinary things. This month the featured department is the Institute for Human Animal Connection (IHAC) within the Graduate School of Social Work (GSSW) which is engaged in very interesting research on the effects of animals on human aging.   

Both Scott  (McLagan) and I serve as Advisory Board Members for GSSW and have been extremely impressed by the work that school’s staff, faculty and their Dean, Dr.  Amanda McBride, are doing in the community.

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