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Thriving in a VUCA World

Creating a workforce for a world that does not yet exist is a challenging endeavor, but one which we, as educators and practitioners, readily embrace. Our premise is, and has been, that leaders must be able to function effectively in an ambiguous and rapidly changing environment.

To do that, individuals need to gather as much information as quickly as possible, process and interpret it, then employ their critical thinking abilities to decide on the most appropriate course of action. The power of evaluating data and trusting one’s intuition has never been more valuable than in today’s volatile, uncertain, changing and very ambiguous (VUCA) work environment. We crafted much of our Executive MBA and Leadership Development Program content at the University of Denver around these concepts. We want to continue doing that now…

In just a few short weeks, we have been thrust into a crisis unlike anything most of us have ever experienced. No pre-existing course of action, nor classroom content, could prepare us for the challenges we are facing today. The lessons we have learned as leaders are being tested and many have to be put on hold or radically reset. We are all feeling uncertain, overwhelmed, frightened, and very unstable.

This blog, has been created as a place to share information—with our former students, colleagues, and individuals representing all segments of life who desire a resource for reliable information on how to lead during these turbulent times. We will include content gathered, curated and synthesized from a vast array of resources. Topics will focus on developing strategy during a crisis, how you show up as a leader, ways in which the brain works under stress, communication processes, ethical dilemmas, emotional intelligence, and the financial impact of the pandemic.

We will highlight both large and small organizations.

It is this type of valuable content we want to provide, at no cost to you and others in your organizations via our blog. The word “Intergistic” is a combination of three words—integrate, synergy and energy. It emanated out of a feasibility study I conducted nearly 20 years ago while a doctoral student at the University of Texas-Austin


We could never have imagined then how appropriate the term would be today.

“VUCA Thrive” refers to exceeding in uncertain times and is a domain name we secured a year ago.

We want to feature a “News from the Network” section which will feature updates from people who are connected to us in one manner or another. Please feel free to submit news and questions directly to me, using either the blog or my email:


Barbara Kreisman, PhD, Partner | LinkedIn

Scott McLagan, Partner | LinkedIn

Professor Emerita, Daniels College of Business &

Partner, Intergistic Solutions

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